Things to think about

No, seriously!

For the last few days I have been savoring every chocolate-minty little crumb of my Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. They are my favorite – equally as good as the coconuty ones. This morning, I dipped my cookie in coffee an OH! The chocolate turned immediately to mush so I slurped it off in the classiest way I could (because I do everything in layers) before redunking and mushing up the cookie. What a fantastic day this will be.

I tremendously appreciate truth tellers that are full of the life of G-d. I honestly love it when my world gets whacked somewhat because to me its like getting a massage and someone sitting on that tight spot in that muscle with intense pressure – it might hurt, but eventually (5 min…15 yrs) it will give way. Once it does, its sore for a while, but I can turn my neck again and the soreness will leave as I continue to move that muscle. I could also liken the process to the potter’s clay having the sticks and stones removed so it becomes pliable in the hands of the Master.

This past week has been funny really. My surgeon said I have the spine of an 80 yr old even after surgery (way to let me down easy Doc) and my new favorite truth teller told me I’m a dude. Am I really an 80 yr old dude in a 30-something’s body? HA! While DID is certainly a factor, I have no 80 yr old male people in my head. Settle down friends. ;~P

 Aye yaye YAYE ya YAYE ya YAYE!

HAHA! Let me do some ‘s’plainin’…

Noted truth teller has me 100% pegged.

I started out trying to do a growth project that didn’t fly since Adonai had other things on His agenda for me. Truth teller was kind enough that while knowing the project wouldn’t go, continued on patiently waiting on me to figure it out. Needless to say, I’ve got issues that need to be dealt with and its a work in progress on a multitude of levels.

Turns out I do a lot in male mode. That’s 100% correct, but I’m not supposed to bash it, its all good since we’re supposed to be balanced in both genders, but I’m not. While I’m ‘girly’ in the sense of wearing makeup, curling my hair and all that wonderful fluff stuff, I think like a dude – let’s get ‘er dun! SO during the day while at work, I keep on with my ‘get ‘er dun’ thinking, but after hours, I be a bride. *le sigh* this is harder than I thought. (NOTE: I didn’t say that I ‘get ‘er dun’ well lol)

My job: invite my Beloved to bless me how He wants, when He wants and in whatever format He chooses. I’ve never been a bride before, so this is a foreign concept. I’m a single woman, but frankly I’m an independent tough cookie…most of the time. I’ve learned to adapt and be responsible and I’m quite comfie in takin’ care of business by myself. If a stranger came to my door and attempted something uncool, I have NO qualms about blowing a head off… *warning to any creep-Os out there reading this* A common saying in my neck of the woods is, “Shoot first; ask questions later.” Yep. My friend-men have told me I can be intimidating, but I don’t want to be.  (Yes I expect lots of facebook notes about how I’m ultimately a mushy pile of love juice and “where’d you get that whole idea that you’re a tough cookie” kinda thing)

While reading the email from truth teller, with my phone still in hand, a co-worker and beautiful shining jewel in the crown of the Bridggroom came to my desk with my favorite box of cookies – Girl Scout Thin Mints! She said the L-rd told her to give them to me! WHAT???? That’s crazy!!! 

So I’m working on it – being a bride and just ‘being’ guilt free.

I’m enjoying my cookies and OH I just dipped one in my mint tea.

Yesterday I saw an incredible sunset and thought, “Whew, G-d! You gotta warn a girl before you show her something that lovely!”

Brides –  talk to me.


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