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I can sometimes be a word-nerd. I love words. Certain words, simple and common as they may seem to most, will capture my attentions and I’ll sit and chew on that one word for days. I’ll say it a thousand times, sing it in a song, pronounce it in as many accents as I can, in as many languages as I can. I’ll play with the syllables and work every facet of the definitions that I can find. Why? I am a word-nerd.

That background being unambiguously out there, I bring the word ‘progress’ for your consideration.

Typing “Define progress” into a Google search bar will result in the below:

noun: progress
forward or onward movement toward a destination.
“the darkness did not stop my progress”
synonyms: forward movement,advance, going, progression, headway, passage

“boulders made progress difficult”
I deleted some because this is the facet I want to focus on.
Today I’m reflecting on last week’s progress.


  • While in significant pain in another part of the body, it appears as though the last procedure worked on my neck. While there was a minor complication and some continued pain, the procedure as a whole is measurably better than the last. I consider this progress.
  • Nailed the week’s discipline project! Progress!
  • The moving company will be here on Thursday. Yesterday morning I felt completely overwhelmed and not at all close to being move-ready. I worked from the time I woke up until I went to sleep and this morning as I looked around to survey the day’s plan I realized that I was a lot further along and that if I needed to move tomorrow, it could happen. Progress again!
  • Work was interesting, I’d spent the previous week developing a training manual for our fairly new department. After a computer software upgrade that came without warning, I lost it all. THANKFULLY, I’d emailed a copy to a friend and had not lost it all, but in fact had about half in tact. I spent the remaining part of the week rewriting the manual and even had new information to add that I didn’t have previously. Progress again again!
  • Got the dog’s nails cut, ground down and painted red. Yes, I’m one of THOSE puppy mommas. It was long overdue. Progress again again again!
  • Experienced an untimely internal crisis with my system which came to resolution yesterday and all my little insiders learned some new things. We learned our new spiritual father isn’t the slightest bit unhinged when there is a crisis, but rather quite the encourager and while he pretty much has us pegged, even with all our craziness, he’s still actively in the game. Wow. This realization – for the team in my head is a very big deal and pretty massive progress.
  • That same spiritual father is taking on a bit of responsibility in bringing restitution to me for wrongs done in the course of my life by the prophetic movement as a whole. I’d experienced quite a bit of wounding and lost my ability to connect with G-d in worship as a result. I can play the piano all day, but its dry and lifeless. He’s going to work with me to bring healing to get it back. UNBELIEVABLE. This process doesn’t start until April, but I don’t have language yet to express this level of progress or the hope that it brings. I couldn’t even say it in Hebrew.

Small or great – progress is progress and should be celebrated. I’m celebrating my small steps with almost as much fervor as my big ones because they are all “forward or onward movement toward a destination“. I’ve written before that we are all on a journey, going some place with some purpose; we’re all fulfilling a destiny. So take a moment to look back at your week and find some moments where there was forward motion. Then go ahead, savor your experience and have a little joy in your progress, a little happy place in your journey. So yes, maybe not everything turned out the way you wanted it last week, but there was progress somewhere. Take deep breaths and just live in those moments for a while and let the ‘what should have’ beens and ‘what could have’ beens melt away as you prepare for this new week of life, new week of hope and expectancy for added progress.


Shavua Tov!


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  1. Patricia said:

    I hate that I somehow have missed these blogs.. But am amazed at your ability to express yourself in the most unique ways!!I ……..

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