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Today I’m bouncing into Susan’s suggestion…With a twist.  Thinking about miracles. 

Such a sparkly word isn’t it? 

I talk to people often who have never seen or experienced an outright miracle and I am always surprised.  I know from my last post that this might be hard to believe,  but I’ve seen thousands of incredible miracles of many kinds over the years.  Such an honor,  I think back on them and am instantly in awe of G-d.

Story time!

I traveled with a lady evangelist by the name of Joan Hendry based out of Laurel, MS. She graduated to heaven this past December and I still sometimes get a little weepy thinking of her. I’ve been around ministry ‘stuff’ since I was 16 and have been tremendously blessed to be able to hang out with some remarkable people who lived a lifestyle surrounded in the miraculous.  Joan was one of those people. 

The first time I went to a Charasmaniac service,  she was there. I remember her praying for a lady who was pregnant and looked deathly ill. I watched how as she prayed, color came into that lady’s face and she looked 10 years younger.  Found out later that she had been healed of a kidney disease that was threatening both her and her baby’s lives.

Once we were in a small place in Jackson,  MS and there was a lady there with a tumor the size of a football on her waist. She was a lovely,  very thin, older lady probably in her mid 70’s with this thing just sucking the life out of her.  I watched with my own two eyes as Joan placed her hand on that tumor and it disappeared. It wasn’t a small something,  it was a big something on a tiny lady that had been growing there a while. You couldn’t miss it!

Tuscaloosa,  AL- G-d gave a new heart to a 5 yr old little girl.  Her Dad danced all over that church. 

Countless times we would go into restaurants and as she led people to Yeshua, young and old, they would experience miracles. 

I’ve seen people come out of wheel chairs, come off stretchers, tumors falling off of people’s bodies,  deaf ears opening, various cancers and blood diseases. ..many said to be incurable, completely,  miraculously healed. Amazing stuff G-d does.

So, I’m having a happy time remembering some of the incredible things I’ve been privileged to watch G-d do over these few years.

And these are just a few of the physical  stories. There is SO MUCH MORE to G-d’s miracles than the physical.

Fun thinking.



Comments on: "Miracles" (5)

  1. I know who Joan is! small world! I’m in Mississippi!

    • I know! Hahaha, Ruthie, if you saw me, you would probably say OH I remember you! Lol, you’ve said it to me a few times over the years, but we never had much time to chat. I tended to hide behind my spiritual Mamas. You know Joan… I’m ordained under her ministry. You also know Bobbie Stephens I betcha… my Mom leads worship at Springs of Praise in Crystal Springs. YOU and your hunny introduced me to the redemptive gifts years ago AND you guys did a workshop at SOPWOC I think maybe during the I 55 revival? Been a while.

    • I miss Joan like crazy. I couldn’t make her funeral and still cry some days. She was a remarkable person.

  2. susanraustocker said:

    Oh, Pamela — this was so uplifting. And then there are the daily miracles — my hibiscus plant provides some. And the butterflies you capture in photos. And the fact that you and I would meet and start getting to know each other. What a beautiful world. susan

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