Things to think about

Holy Shift!

Anyone else feel a(OMG WHAT WAS THAT)shifting going on?

Started for me maybe one or two weeks ago? Definitely feels like the end of a time and a new beginning. Sukkot ..maybe that’s part of it?

Anyone else feel the change of seasons?

G-d talked to me today. 

He told me some good things that I would have rejected a few months, maybe even weeks ago. This time I did not reject Him, I did not try to argue. This time I said, “OK” and that was it.

G-d’s healed something in me right under my nose. I didn’t recognize it until today.

The Surgeon Father seemed to gently awaken me with a smile and a tender brush of His hand across my forehead. His kind eyes and soothing voice brought to my attention that He had done some deep intense surgery. Within a few moments various people, situations and words were brought before me that before had caused intense pain. Before, even the thoughts of them would leave me reeling in emotional agony. As each was presented, change was evident as I became increasingly aware that not only was I not grieving them, there was NOT EVEN A STING!

Just how big is G-d?




I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I have no intentions of aborting another purpose from heaven just because it looks too big or too good for me.  G-d only knows what He’s got planned and whatever He says, goes.


Now, for you who understand DID. About 2 weeks ago, totally out of the blue, I was told that there was going to be some internal shifting. Okie dokie, right? It was a group decision and I am apparently going to like it. 

Heck yeah I do!

To give a little background,  our system is in 5 levels and I would have to draw it for you to really make sense,  but it is what it is. I’m not entirely co-conscious and have no idea what takes place in the bottom two layers. I’m aware of the first two and the third is sort of half way.

Ok, so I was informed that aside from some littles who want more time, there would be a “Great  Merging”. Instead of being so many, they will be joining together and becoming one voice for each level. Now, I don’t know when or how or what’s next with that, but if you know DID, you’re sitting back going,”Wow!”like I am.

Hmm, interesting start to a new season yes? I’ll be posting more as light shines and I’m given more understanding.

For tonight,  I’m just going to spend more time being awestruck and waiting with baited breath for more disclosure on this next season.   My spirit is excited and my soul doesn’t know why, but it’s fun. 

P.S. Thanks for the texts, calls, posts, emails, words, tears and hugs resulting from my Battle for Life post. WOW, you peeps are amazingly kind and thoughtful! More hits than any other post and lots of personal feedback. I sure do wish a few more of you would post comments here!!!


Happy happy!


Comments on: "Holy Shift!" (2)

  1. Merging is awesome. Enjoy the present change.

  2. I love the transparency in your blog and the fact you are not afraid to put it all out there.
    Sometimes Ha Shem uses our weaknesses to strengthen others..please keep it up and know that so many people love and adore you!

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