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People love to bash New Year’s resolutions and I don’t care. If you’re one of those, read someone else’s blog!

Goals are good! My new year with G-d always seems to start in September. For years, there  would be a string of days where I’d be drawn away by G-d’s Spirit and into His Presence in review of the last year and preparation for the next. SO I’m sort of already there.

HOWEVER I so enjoy keeping the tradition of creating resolutions at the end of the calendar year and I want to invite you to join me.

Facebookers, if you post responses, please post them here also -write your vision, make it plain that he may run that readeth iteth!

Still working on my list, but these are usually sticklers:
1)Do more stuff
   – I want to LIVE life while I can, so I want to experience everything G-d has for me this year, whenever-however He wants to. He has my permission to love me beyond my comprehension and then some and to express that however He wants.

2)Have more fun
   -Because I gave up so much of my life to depression, sadness and grief. I have make up work to do!

3)Get to work on time
   -This has more past the surface. While I’m an effecient and ethical person in the office, I want to be better at holding myself accountable to times…efforts…those things that will please my Father.

Ok. That’s my starting point -your turn!




Comments on: "NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!!" (6)

  1. Raina wuz here!

  2. I sure was here, and I love this! I plan to steal your ideas, because I need them. Love YOU, Lady!

  3. So mine are:
    – Read a chunk of the Bible every day, going to try to get through in a year … last did this too long time ago
    – Live intentionally…stop getting caught up in anything that’s not God’s best for me. Time is a precious commodity, I’m busy, but I need to be busy with the best, not just good things
    – Synchronisation – with God, walking in His presence, nuff said
    – Courage – spent too many years not knowing what to say, not speaking up, not confronting … I’m going forwards!!
    – Having got to solid identity (Exhorter tribe), it’s now time to develop my calling and get to my Birthright … so that’s a theme for this year
    – Body – needs attention this year, more than enough said!!!
    – Organisation – too many projects/things to do, leaves a trail of paper/filing, so this year I’ll be throwing out, sorting out, fine tuning, what’s in and what’s out … I suspect there’s going to be more and more out, at least I hope so…

    So, a weird sort of list, but it feels solid!!

    • I like it! Goooooo JANE! Courageous business woman extraordinaire! Living fiercely purposeful with exquisitely orchestrated steps! Rocking the Kingdom South African Exhorter style! Devouring the Word and releasing designer life everywhere you go like a blazing trail for others to follow in hot pursuit of the Most Holy! Woohoo!

      • You are so kind Pamela!!! Thank you, I hardly feel worthy of your words, I will try and grow into them then :))

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