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Wow, does this ever land! Thank you Arthur, I bet lots along with me are blessing you right back. I hope to learn to make dignity a part of my culture. It’s an effort to push back against the shame culture around me, but I can see where it’s making a difference and it’s spreading. Dignity is such a gift and opportunities to give it are everywhere. G-d help us to see and take advantage of such opportunities to partner with Him in advancing His Kingdom!

Noble Subjects

Isn’t it odd that Christians generally walk in so much more shame than the pre-Christian sinners around them?

I pondered also the Christmas story being anchored in so much shame.

Joseph was brutally poor.  His whole clan seems to have lost their birthright of land in Bethlehem and fled to the well-shamed town of Nazareth to try to pick up the pieces.  No evidence that the restart got much traction.

The only asset he is known to have is his reputation.  When God says you are a righteous man, that is pretty phenomenal!  So knowing he was economically disadvantaged but that he had a brand of sterling integrity in the marketplace, God came to him and said, “I have a job for you to do.  Oh, and as a side note, I hope you don’t mind if I utterly trash your reputation in town for the rest of your life.”

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