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It was not unlike any other morning. He got up and prepared for the day as any other. There was the usual battle of getting the kids out of bed. The list of requests the wife has made is only slightly more complicated than normal as there are still many preparations to be made before the holiday. He is eager to leave for the shul so as to make it there early to assist the boss who is under great pressure these days.

Out the door.

The disturbances of recent months have been somewhat of a welcome change to the mundane sleepiness of the region. This man they call Jesus has developed quite a reputation and word on the street is – there’s a revolution coming. As servant to the High Priest, Malchus keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the religious community (ok, the entire community) and he can tell that this upheaval is getting to the people and certainly to his master.

Some are following and actually buying into the myths and fairytales and while they haven’t yet discovered exactly how he’s performing these “miracles” they are intent on uncovering his scheme and putting a stop to it. This kind of controversy can lead the weak minded astray and this Jesus has crossed the line multiple times.

Caiaphas offered a little silver to one of his followers so he could lead him to Jesus. The crowds of people make it difficult to shut him down with their dreamy eyes watching his tricks. A crowd like that can get dangerous, especially if they believe the hogwash. The High Priest needed an insider and Judas took the bait. Money always works.

After a grueling day of waiting and overhead pressure to bring order back to the area, the time had finally come and Judas was there waiting to take them to this so-called “King of the Jews”. Malchus and his team were sent into the place where the zealot sect were known to be hiding and were taken right to the inner circle, but its not going to be pretty.

This is a done deal.

“Whom do ye seek?”

“Jesus of Nazareth”

“I am He”


What just happened? One minute he’s standing ready to arrest the man who belongs to the cheek Judas kissed and the next he’s on his back along with the others. 

OK There’s something different about this man Jesus.

Malchus, no doubt had done the bidding of his master in spying on Jesus and his followers. It was easy to see how the crowd was so pulled into the teachings and miracles that he did. Jesus was a dynamic speaker and talked like no one else. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about and made it sound so good and the miracles he did couldn’t be copied. Those people had to be plants.

Except that one guy that was down by the gate. Oh and Lazarus – Malchus knew the family and attended the funeral. That one can’t really be explained, but surely it can . How was it that even Lazarus was even taken by this guy? Just goes to show you what happens if you aren’t following Torah to the letter.

Once while he was teaching, Jesus talked about loving your enemies and blessing those who persecute you. Like, really? Who does that? And there was something about his eyes and who knows where that voice came from that said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” That story can’t be true. Can it? He talked about freedom and everyone knows that’s not real. Not for a slave anyway. Pipe dreams.

BACK ON YOUR FEET! Whatever that was…. (what was it anyway?)

“I am Jesus, whom you seek. Let these men go.”

What’s that?!?


A searing pain that cannot be described surged through his whole world and while he tried to figure out what just happened on the side of his head, there at his feet was his ear. He was shaking, nauseous and light headed from the shock and pain, so he stood there so he wouldn’t be maimed further.

But then Jesus stoops down, picks up his ear and just as quickly as it happened, the pain and bleeding stopped. Malchus stands there as his team escorts Jesus away. He sees everything going on and hears every word, but his mind is elsewhere. Everything has changed.




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  1. Excellent! captivating. enjoyed reading.

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