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Treasure Hunting

Have you ever been treasure hunting? Gemstone mining? Are you a rockhound at heart?

Le sigh…I dream of wandering through mines like I’ve watched on YouTube  (for hours at a time). Have you ever watched those? My faves are Brazilian amethyst mines. As the camera moves, you can see the light bouncing happily from one giant crystal wall to another. Deep purple sparkles catch my heart at every flash.


To find these treasures they have to DIG.

They get dirty…


going down hundreds of feet sometimes into what could look like an eternity of darkness into the earth in anxious hopes of finding something precious.


Carved out super humid caves, limited oxygen and dirty darkness aren’t really things that make me want to hop on that hayride BUT if there’s treasure somewhere in that tunnel – gimme that rope, hand me that hard hat and hoist me down!

Bought myself a sapphire ring. It’s a 4.5 carat, opaque, natural stone with inclusions (which is why I could afford it lol) and THAT’S what I love about it. I love that it’s “imperfect” with the different veins of blue moving through it.

Since August of 2014, I’ve spent nearly every night via Skype (with the exception of the time my spirit went awol)  treasure hunting in some unusual and outrageous places far more beautiful than the amethyst mines of Brazil, the opal sites of Australia and diamond digs of Africa.

Within the spirit of every human exists fingerprints of the King I adore. Within the spirit of every human exists nuisances of light with exquisite color and flavor, texture and motion. G-d’s heart longs for the sound that can only be produced by our own individual conglomerate of light that we are.

Most of us look at our treasures and see only the rough, completely ignoring the gemmy insides. We downgrade the masterful creation of the Uncreated repeatedly as we compare ourselves to one another wishing to be better at this or that, desiring to look like this or that. Sure, there is always room for character growth, but a good starting place is to DAILY recognize the treasure not only within our own spirits, but in the spirits of those around us.

What does it do to His heart when we come into agreement with Him and say, “Yes Father, what you made is good. Its beautiful. It is a masterpiece.”?

What does it do to His heart when we see only our deficits and come into agreement with the world and the enemy when we say, “I’m not enough. G-d, you did not make me enough” ?

How boring would it be if we were all the same? How remarkable that we’re not!!!

I challenge you (and myself) to go treasure hunting!

And don’t just notice it – call it out! Recognize His design and call it out in yourself and in others and see what starts to happen in your world. Talents weren’t given to us to bury them in the sand – they were meant to grow and increase to someday be returned to the King.

What will the King receive when He makes that demand? Will our treasure still be hidden under deep earth, forgotten about, ignored and neglected? Will it be nurtured and polished to its fullest shine?

So talk to me people. Tell me something about the treasure of you. Tell me something that you can come into agreement with G-d on and how have you been faceted?

G-d don’t make no junk!

With love from a fellow treasure hunter.







Comments on: "Treasure Hunting" (6)

  1. Making connections is something I love to do and something I’m getting better at. When you talk about having to get dirty to find gems buried in dark places, I hear an echo of the process of burying seeds of life in order for them to grow to their full potential. The splendor of a tree is only possible through the root system that lives forever underground in depths of darkness. That God so deliberately created these illustrations of the mining process and the farming process speaks to me of the two part synergy reiterated so poetically in Ecclesiastes’ classic time dance. Blessings on the consistency of your treasure hunting, and thank you for mentioning the YouTube videos about amethysts.

  2. in my teens, I was not the most promising high school student. average best describes my performance back then. but I somehow stumbled into founding a small tuck shop out of my boarding-house cupboard when I was sixteen. and it grew beyond my expectations. by the end of the experiment, I had been asked to run the school’s shop which served the sports’ games that took place on Saturdays. it was quite a surprising turn of events to me. but not to God. unbeknownst to me, it was His purpose at that point in time to enroll me in a class the school did not offer: entrepreneurship. and the seed that He had placed in my spirit flourished in the midst of a season of pretty unremarkable living on my part. since then, He has been faithful to keep me on the entrepreneurial path even when I have turned to the left and to the right in pursuit of supposedly greener fields. the journey has not been the most comfortable but the refinement of my soul has been good for me. better than I will ever know, I presume.

    • How fantastic is G-d!!! Praise to Him who orchestrates the classes we didn’t enroll in! May your entrepreneurial spirit increase in light, sound and size!!!

  3. Loved this! just what we have been talking about on the Monday Call: Hidden treasures! love you

  4. Wow Devorah, I just reread this- wow, your connections are at a depth I dream about.

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