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The Many Faces of PTSD

Has FEAR Taken You Hostage?

Anxiety which is repressed, unacknowledged, driven underground in our psyches, and not dealt with, grows into full-fledged fear. When I read that thought this morning in a meditation passage, I immediately thought of three people: Tom Booker, Gregory Boyle and Jesus.

Tom Booker

Does the name Tom Booker ring a bell? Tom Booker is the title character in the book The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans. If you didn’t read the book, you may have seen the Robert Redford movie. The horse whisperer, Tom Booker, calms anxious, frightened, unmanageable horses. He accomplishes this because he understands horses, we are told, and he is not scared of them. Because Tom Booker feels no fear, the horses calm down around him. I have just synthesized a three hundred page book!

Ibought the book for my horse-loving granddaughter, and when she forgot to take it home, I…

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Laura Grace Weldon

Our early hatching is lauded, our late hatching a reason for worry.

We’re expected from our earliest years be like the other ducklings. (Well, better than others but not stuck up about it.)

If we keep flying when it’s time to swim there’s medication to calm our out-of-bounds impulses. If we like to sing but can’t quack there’s a star chart to reinforce more appropriate sounds.

We’re graded on the dexterity we demonstrate when curling our beaks under our wings at nap time, tested on our ability to dip our heads under water, judged by our willingness to stay in line. Poor results means doing these things over and over again until we thoroughly detest ourselves for not measuring up.

When we don’t do as well as expected we’re told we just need to try harder to be the very best duckling we can be. We’re told that we aren’t…

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Windows of Reconciliation

I highly recommend this article for RIGHT NOW!

A blessing

I call your G-d given human spirit to attention. 

The disciples were going across the sea as they were commanded, purposed for the other side. With Jesus on the boat and the great skill of the accompanying seamen, they had no reason to doubt their goal, it was just another trip across the sea. 

The winds picked up,  the waves started to swell and it wasn’t long before they were in the midst of a storm so mighty that even the men who had spent their entire lives on the sea were struck with fear in their hearts, all while Jesus slept. They didn’t want to wake Him. He had been ministering everywhere and they knew He was tired in body, but this storm was different, so they cried out to Him.

Jesus stirred from the sounds of their panic. He walked solidly in the dominion His Father had given Him and without hesitation He commanded the violence of the storm to cease and it obeyed.

I bless you with solid spots to stand on while the world swirls violently around and so many of your frames for life are challenged.

I bless you with strength and security from the Father, that He enfold you in His loving arms and carry your weaknesses in His own strength. 

I bless you with deep peace. The same deep peace Jesus had on the ship, the same peace and awe He imparted to His disciples when the seas became calm, that whether the winds blow or not,  the truth of any situation of the child of G-d is that you are set in the center of the palm of His hand and there is none who can uproot you from that place. 

I bless you with seeing and knowing that G-d was there first. None of life  is a surprise to Him and He is not shaken. Not only is He not shaken  but in His great wisdom, He’s made provision for you. 

I bless you with seeing and recognizing His provision in whatever form He provides. 

I bless you with seeing resources that He has laid out for you to get for the other side of your journey so you can fulfill your uniquely designed Kingdom purposes.

I bless you with favor and grace, wisdom and understanding for this season as it draws up and out of you treasure that has been deposited by His Holy Spirit. 

I bless you with unrelenting faith in the Most Holy to complete the work He is doing in you. 

I bless you with tenacity to stay the course and embrace the pain that works for His glory. 

I bless you with others to help hold your arms high in the battle so that you are victorious even when you feel faint.

I bless you with joy, a fountain of joy flowing out of you like a wellspring of life from your inmost being, like rivers of living water bring life, releasing life, sustaining life and recovering life in the dried up places. 

I bless you with life givers to pour life back into you. 

I bless you with eyes to see G-d working for and with you on this journey. 

In Yeshua’s name

Wow, does this ever land! Thank you Arthur, I bet lots along with me are blessing you right back. I hope to learn to make dignity a part of my culture. It’s an effort to push back against the shame culture around me, but I can see where it’s making a difference and it’s spreading. Dignity is such a gift and opportunities to give it are everywhere. G-d help us to see and take advantage of such opportunities to partner with Him in advancing His Kingdom!

Noble Subjects

Isn’t it odd that Christians generally walk in so much more shame than the pre-Christian sinners around them?

I pondered also the Christmas story being anchored in so much shame.

Joseph was brutally poor.  His whole clan seems to have lost their birthright of land in Bethlehem and fled to the well-shamed town of Nazareth to try to pick up the pieces.  No evidence that the restart got much traction.

The only asset he is known to have is his reputation.  When God says you are a righteous man, that is pretty phenomenal!  So knowing he was economically disadvantaged but that he had a brand of sterling integrity in the marketplace, God came to him and said, “I have a job for you to do.  Oh, and as a side note, I hope you don’t mind if I utterly trash your reputation in town for the rest of your life.”

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Fun stuff!

People love to bash New Year’s resolutions and I don’t care. If you’re one of those, read someone else’s blog!

Goals are good! My new year with G-d always seems to start in September. For years, there  would be a string of days where I’d be drawn away by G-d’s Spirit and into His Presence in review of the last year and preparation for the next. SO I’m sort of already there.

HOWEVER I so enjoy keeping the tradition of creating resolutions at the end of the calendar year and I want to invite you to join me.

Facebookers, if you post responses, please post them here also -write your vision, make it plain that he may run that readeth iteth!

Still working on my list, but these are usually sticklers:
1)Do more stuff
   – I want to LIVE life while I can, so I want to experience everything G-d has for me this year, whenever-however He wants to. He has my permission to love me beyond my comprehension and then some and to express that however He wants.

2)Have more fun
   -Because I gave up so much of my life to depression, sadness and grief. I have make up work to do!

3)Get to work on time
   -This has more past the surface. While I’m an effecient and ethical person in the office, I want to be better at holding myself accountable to times…efforts…those things that will please my Father.

Ok. That’s my starting point -your turn!



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