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This Could Get Interesting…

Just saying.

We’re all on a journey going from some place to somewhere. While often similar, each trip is individual, each our own. How we start, who we meet, what we encounter and how we function with what we encounter is a tell-tale sign of what we’re made of.

This year I’ve set some rather lofty goals. New Year resolutions have never been my thing, my new year normally begins at Rosh HaShanna. The last several years of life have been anything but life, but suddenly I’ve been awakened and I’m going to write about it and the journey to there… wherever there is.

I have high expectations. Why? I have no idea. In the past few days, I’ve begun a process of change…radical change.

At present, no one’s reading this blog, but should you find this post or run across this blog unexpectedly, I’m curious – where are YOU going in 2014? What are your goals? What do you expect out of this year? What are you doing to get to where you’re going or hope to go? Do you have hope for it? How can I pray for you?

Lovely complicated wrappings, sheath the gift of one day more; Breathless, I untie the package-Never lived this day before!!- Gloria Gaither

Resting. No flutter, no striving to rise higher to escape a predator, just resting in beauty, surrounded in sustenance and life. At Peace.
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